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Human Services Transportation Collaboration and Coordination

This resource is part of a larger Materials Toolkit exploring Human Services Transportation. The entire Materials Toolkit can be found here.


If your agency provides transportation, you may receive requests for transportation that you cannot fulfill – or you may find yourself with unused capacity. If your agency doesn’t provide transportation, you may find there are times when you cannot provide support services to those in need because the individuals cannot get transportation to facilities or appointments. Coordination among transportation service providers and human service agencies is a great way to get more results from limited resources, but it requires that agencies share resources and responsibilities. This session will feature examples of agencies successful in working together to create partnerships and address a variety of collaboration strategies.



  1. Video (Total Length: 36 min, 34 sec)
    • Video includes:
      • Presentation by Jon Gaffney, Senior Mobility Analyst, Erin McAuliff, Transportation & Mobility Planner from Marin Transit and Ana Bagtas, Program Manager Marin County Department of Health & Human Services, Aging and Adult Services, San Rafael, CA. (Length: 22min, 30 sec)
      • Presentation by Dave Lin, ACC Rides Volunteer Coordinator, ACC Senior Services, Sacramento, CA (Starts at the 22 min, 58 sec mark.)
  2. Written material available for download by Cindy Zwart, Transportation Program Director, Sound Generations, Seattle, WA