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Research to Practice: Driving Cessation and Dementia

This publication provides information and suggestions on transportation issues for seniors as it relates to dementia and when to stop driving. Community planners and local governments can utilize the information to determine how to evaluate the readiness of drivers as they age, and family, friends and caregivers can use the information to support an older […]


Older Driver Safety and Transition – for the Mature Driver

This six-page document speaks directly to the older driver. The document provides suggestions on self-assessments and how to recognize changes in driving ability, adjustments to make you more comfortable behind the wheel, and resources and professionals that can provide additional support to ensure continued safety and active mobility in the years ahead.


MAP 21 – The “New” 5310 Program

This webinar features a representative from the Federal Transit Administration to discuss the changes in MAP-21’s 5310 Program, including eligibility of projects, recipients, and sub recipients, changes to funding availability and apportionments, the role of the designated recipient, and other provisions.


Hanging Up the Keys? Options When Driving Retirement Becomes a Crisis

This guide was developed to assist individuals and families in better understanding the current level of risk of an older driver and to direct them to other, more comprehensive resources available. It includes a driving checklist, risk factors to consider, communication and safety tips, and information on alternatives to driving.


Fixed-Route Buses

Fixed route buses are vehicles that travel on a predetermined route on a fixed schedule and available to the population at large. This publication provides information, best practices and resources on fixed route bus systems.


Falls Prevention and Transportation Webinar

This webinar discussed strategies on how older passengers can use public transportation independently, safely, and without fears. The discussion included conversation with occupational therapists, falls prevention experts and local transportation providers around the risks of falling within public transportation vehicles.


Enhanced Transportation Information & Referral

These webinars review the innovative collaboration among two Texas Area Agencies on Aging and their local 2-1-1 service. Presenters discussed what makes this collaboration work and offered examples that illustrate how enhanced Transportation I&R/A supports older adults living in the community.