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Accessible Pathways to Bus Stops & Transit Facilities

This Findings in Brief includes a definition of accessible pathways, recommends community stakeholders for the local accessibility planning process, and summarizes how communities can create more accessible pathways to public transportation.

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A.C.C.E.S.S. Matters

This transit operator training course DVD on serving customers with disabilities includes a training video, trainer materials, participant worksheet, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) materials for use as a one-hour facilitated or self-study course. The video is available on YouTube or as a DVD. To order a copy of the DVD, contact NADTC at […]


Dementia Awareness and Transportation

This publication provides information, tips and resources for public transportation providers on dementia awareness. It is important to create networks that allow individuals with dementia to be supported in their homes and communities as they age. Public transportation drivers and providers who are aware of the challenges that individuals with dementia and their caregivers face are […]


Volunteer Driver Programs

This series of webinars that focused on Risk, Liability & Insurance. The webinars review common risks arising out of volunteer driver programs , how to address those risks in a practical way, through risk identification, volunteer selection, training, supervision and accountability, and review structuring your insurance program to protect both the organization and its volunteer […]