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Volunteer Driver Programs

This series of webinars that focused on Risk, Liability & Insurance. The webinars review common risks arising out of volunteer driver programs , how to address those risks in a practical way, through risk identification, volunteer selection, training, supervision and accountability, and review structuring your insurance program to protect both the organization and its volunteer […]


Tips for Drivers and Passengers

This tip sheet is designed for both caregivers who drive older family members in their own vehicles, as well as the older adults who are their passengers. The document explores some of the common concerns regularly experienced by older adults and caregivers when providing and accepting rides.


Research to Practice: Driving Cessation and Dementia

This publication provides information and suggestions on transportation issues for seniors as it relates to dementia and when to stop driving. Community planners and local governments can utilize the information to determine how to evaluate the readiness of drivers as they age, and family, friends and caregivers can use the information to support an older […]


Older Driver Safety and Transition – for the Mature Driver

This six-page document speaks directly to the older driver. The document provides suggestions on self-assessments and how to recognize changes in driving ability, adjustments to make you more comfortable behind the wheel, and resources and professionals that can provide additional support to ensure continued safety and active mobility in the years ahead.