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Half Fare or Reduced Fare Requirements Information Brief

Public transportation law requires public transportation agencies that receive Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding under the Section 5307 Urbanized Area Formula Program to offer half fare or reduced fare to people with disabilities and seniors during off-peak hours for fixed-route services. FTA receives many questions about the half fare or reduced fare rule and how […]


Dementia, Caregiving and Transportation

This publication provides transportation tips for caregivers, information on types of transportation available, dementia-friendly tips for transit drivers, items to include in a travel kit, destination cards that can be tailored for each traveler, and a list of resources.


Transportation Options for Older Adults and People with Disabilities

This brochure, developed by Eldercare Locator and the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center, introduces you to community transportation services and provides information to consider when making transportation decisions. It is intended to help you navigate transportation in your community. It is important to note that not all types of transportation are available in every community. To […]


Information and Referral: NADTC Blog Post Resources

NADTC’s Transportation Information and Assistance Blog Series is a compilation of resource posts on the topic of information and referral/assistance. “Transportation information and assistance” is a broad term meant to encompass the varied approaches that communities may adopt to respond to ride requests and answer questions about transportation options. These include specialized transportation information services […]


Rural Best Practice: Transportation for Individuals with Chronic Care Conditions

This “Best Practice” reviews Mountain Empire Older Citizens’s (MEOC) rural transportation program in Big Stone Gap, VA. MEOC is a designated Area Agency on Aging and serves as the public transit provider for the area. MEOC uses an innovative approach to providing transportation assistance, specifically aimed at the needs of older adults, people with disabilities, and veterans […]


FHWA Guide: Accessible Shared Streets: Notable Practices and Considerations for Accommodating Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities

An October 2017 publication of the Federal Highway Administration. Accessible Shared Streets: Notable Practices and Considerations for Accommodating Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities, reviews notable practices and considerations for accommodating pedestrians with vision disabilities on shared streets. It focuses on streets where pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles are intended to mix in the same space. The guide includes […]


2016 Trends Report Topic Spotlight: Addressing Safety Concerns

The potential safety concerns of older adults and people with disabilities as they plan to use public transportation is the focus of this Topic Spotlight, one of seven transportation issues reported on in the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center 2016 Transportation Trends Report. The complete report discusses trending topics—significant issues that affect the availability […]