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Blackboard Troubleshooting

It is strongly suggested that you attempt connecting to the webinar room prior to the event in order to allow for any connection issues to be resolved.


Participation in this webinar can be achieved in one of the following ways (NOTE: you do not have to join the webinar room through a computer to participate. You can choose to participate by listening over the phone only. You can also connect by computer and phone if you would prefer to watch the webinar on your computer but hear sound on the phone):

1) Connect by computer (Mute your computer speakers to reduce feedback. Audio will be heard over the computer. Internet link below.  There will be a Q&A portion of the event, and you can submit questions during the webinar via the webinar chat room).

Blackboard connection link:

2) Connect by phone only. (888) 723-9893

After connecting, enter Conference Code:  73001126


NOTE: Captioning services will be provided for those that log into the webinar room (the first option above).  To access captioning, press Control + F8 once you are logged into the webinar room.

Troubleshooting – Additional Connection Information

If you have not before participated in a Blackboard Collaborate webinar on the computer you will be using for the event, carefully read the Blackboard Collaborate connection instructions below if you have any issues.

Webinar Room Link 

(When you enter the webinar room, list your first and last name when prompted for your name.)

Blackboard Collaborate Connection Instructions

  1. Check your system here before entering a Blackboard Collaborate session for the first time. If your operating system and version of Java are compatible with Blackboard Collaborate, you will receive the following message: “Congratulations, it appears you have a supported Operating System and version of Java installed for Blackboard Collaborate. You should be able to use Blackboard Collaborate successfully. More information on earlier versions can be found in the minimum system requirements. Please continue to Step 2.”  If your system is not compatible, follow the steps on this page. You need to have administrator rights to download software on your computer to allow the Java applet to run. If you are on a work computer and do not have rights to download software, you should contact your technical support person and ask them to do this for you if possible OR you can choose to participate in the session via phone only.
  2. Go to the Blackboard Webinar Room
  3. When the Opening meeting.jnlp window appears, click to Open with Java… and click
  4. Wait for Java to load. (This may take a few minutes so please be patient.) When using a MAC, the jnlp file goes to the download folder, choose the file from the downloads to open.
  5. When the security message comes up, check “Always trust content from this publisher” and click Run
  6. The Blackboard Collaborate loading window will appear.  If this is your first time logging in to Blackboard Collaborate, you may see a connection speed window.  Select your connection speed and click OK.  Blackboard Collaborate will load and you will be signed in.  You know you’re successfully in Blackboard Collaborate when you see your name in the Participants Window.
  7. Upon entering a Blackboard Collaborate session, run the Audio Setup Wizard to configure your speakers.  To do so, go to the Tools menu at the very top and choose Audio > Audio Setup Wizard and follow the steps on the screen. NOTE: You are not required to talk during the webinar so a microphone is not necessary.
  8. If you choose to participate via the webinar room and the phone, mute your computer speakers at this time.