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Diversity and Equity Resources

The National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC ) recognizes the importance of equitable and accessible transportation services in all communities and is building a collection of resources dedicated to transportation diversity and equity.


News Articles:

> 3 Ways to Measure Your City’s Transportation Equity Next Year (December 29, 2020, National League of Cities )
> The Growing Problem of Transit Equity (January 3, 2021, Entrepreneur)
Biden Seeks to Use Infrastructure Plan to Address Racial Inequities (April 1, 2021, New York Times)
How Chicago Could Build Equity Into Transportation (April 14, 2021, Next City)
Denver’s RTD to Launch Systemwide Fare Study, Equity Analysis (Metro Magazine, April 30, 2021)
Invisible Cyclists: Why People Of Color Need To Be Part Of Post-Pandemic Transportation Planning (Milwaukee Indpendent, May 20, 2021)
‘Transportation is a form of freedom’: How to make it more equitable (Tech Xplore, June 10, 2021)
Tackling Social Inequity, Some Cities May Ditch Bus, Subway Fares (Pew, June 10, 2021)
Report Outlines How Public Transit Agencies Can Advance Equity (UT News, July 15, 2021)
How Can Transit Deliver Urban Equity and Sustainability? (Government Technology, September 2021)
Equitably Connecting Rural and Urban Populations (TRB, October 2021)


> Age Friendly Arizona, Blind Spot: Mobility and Aging in Rural America
> America Walks, Inclusive Planning in Tribal Communities: Engaging People With Disabilities in Designing Safe and Accessible Transportation Systems
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc., New Routes to Equity: Future of Transportation in the Black Community
> Health AffairsPublic Transportation In The US: A Driver Of Health And Equity
> Link Houston, Equity in Transit   
> Link Houston, Where Affordable Housing and Transportation Meet in Houston
> National Center for Sustainable Transportation, We Can Get There From Here: New Perspectives on Transportation Equity
> National RTAP, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Public Transportation
> Salud America, Innovations in Transportation Equity for Latino Communities 
TransitCenter, Inclusive Transit
> Transportation Research Board, Equity Analysis in Regional Transportation Planning Processes, Volume 1: Guide
> Transportation Research Board, Opportunities for Research on Transportation and Equity
 Transportation Research Board, Racial Equity Addendum to Critical Issues In Transportation
> The White HouseExecutive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities
> UC Institute of Transportation Studies, Answers from the Margins: Participatory Planning with Disadvantaged Communities

> University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center, Rural-Urban Differences among Older Adults

> Urban Institute, The Unequal Commute: Examining inequities in four metro areas’ transportation systems 


> America Walks, Black Voices in Urbanism, Mobility and the Walkable Community Movement
American Walks: Inclusive Planning in Tribal Communities: Engaging People With Disabilities in Designing Safe and Accessible Transportation Systems
Council of University Transportation Centers – CUTC, Changing the TIDE in Transportation
Eno Center for Transportation: Best Practices for Incorporating Equity into Performance-Based Processes
> Eno Center for Transportation: Toward Universal Access
Florida Public Transportation Association: Transit Tuesday – The Importance of Transit in Communities of Color 
> NADTC: Transportation Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative Lunch and Learn – April Session
> NADTC: Transportation Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative Lunch and Learn – June Session
> NADTC: Meeting the Transportation Needs of Diverse Older Adults and People with Disabilities
> NADTC: Transportation Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access Lunch & Learn – August Session
> NADTC: National Convening on Transportation Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
> NCPTA: Transportation Equity II: Using Transit Equity to Create Healthy Communities
> Transportation Radio: DC DOT Advancing Transportation Equity
> UC Davis: Equity, Community, and the 3 Revolutions in Transportation

Additional Resources:

> Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC)Equity Through Access Map Toolkit (Philadelphia, PA)
moveDC Applying an Equity Framework
National AcademiesBuilding Socioeconomic Equity Through Transportation Research
> San Francisco MTA: Equity Toolkit – Transit Assessment
> TransitCenter: Transit Equity Dashboard



Last updated January 5, 2020