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Online Course

Online Course – Why Serving Everyone Doesn’t Serve Everyone

Registration for this course is now closed and certificates can no longer be attained, however, presentations and materials from the course can be accessed below.

Course Overview: This course will explore the importance of prioritizing intentional efforts to ensure community transportation is truly available to all people. In addition to broadening your understanding of equitable transportation, participants will also gain access to resources and tools to improve equity in local transportation programs.

Course Modules: Videos and Resources 

Module 1: The Value of Being Intentional: Inclusive and Equitable Initiatives In Transportation  

Working on DEIA issues is essential to ensuring that everyone has access to safe, equitable, and dignified transportation services. DEIA work is not only about race but is also about other aspects of identity like age, gender, disability, class, and more. It is not beneficial to presume that your community doesn’t need targeted DEIA initiatives simply because there is a lack of obvious diversity. A comprehensive DEIA approach involves working collaboratively with individuals and communities to identify and address the unique needs and experiences of all individuals in an appropriate and respectful way.

Module 2:  How Intersecting Identities Impact Access to Transportation

Numerous factors such as ethnicity, race, culture, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, income status, age, what part of town one resides in or the school they attended, shape one’s world view and also impacts how we are treated by others. Becoming aware of our own biases and perceptions is necessary in order to recognize the value of diversity and help us to strive to serve all people in a way that meets their unique needs.

Module 3: The Power of Words: Reframing Language to Promote Inclusion

Language is a powerful tool that can either reinforce existing inequities or help challenge and change existing systems of oppression. In this module you will discover why using terminology that is respectful and inclusive is of utmost importance when engaging with community members, advertising programs, and communicating with partners.

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May 1, 2023
May 21, 2023
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