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Federal Grant Opportunities

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This page highlights recent federal grant opportunities. We provide these links to help users find information on federal grants and funding. Other federal grant programs are listed at We suggest subscribing to grant e-mail alerts that notify you electronically when new funding is available.

Current Opportunities



U.S. DOT Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) Grants Program

A notice on funding was released for the new Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) grant opportunity. This discretionary grant program will offer up to $100 million annually over the next 5 years to fund transportation projects that use data and technology to solve real-world challenges facing communities today.

Application Deadline: November 18, 2022


USDA: Rural Business Development Grants 

This program is designed to provide technical assistance and training for small rural businesses. Small means that the business has fewer than 50 new workers and less than $1 million in gross revenue.

Application deadline: Varies by state


Recently Closed Opportunities



U.S. DOT Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program – Planning Grants and Capital Construction Grants 

The U.S. Department of Transportation is now accepting applications for the Reconnecting Communities Pilot (RCP) discretionary grant program. The $1 billion RCP Program was established under President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to help reconnect communities previously cut off from opportunities by transportation infrastructure, such as highways and rail lines, through solutions like high-quality public transportation, infrastructure removal, and main street revitalization.

Application deadline: October 13, 2022


FTA Fiscal Year 2022 Mobility, Access, & Transportation Insecurity: Creating Links to Opportunity Demonstration Research Program 

 The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announces the opportunity for a single Program Lead to apply for approximately $6.0 million under the Transportation Insecurity Program. The Mobility, Access & Transportation Insecurity: Creating Links to Opportunity Demonstration Research Program will establish a program to amplify public transportation with an emphasis to explore interventions to address transportation insecurity and evaluate outcomes and impacts upon individuals and communities.

Application deadline: October 11, 2022


FTA All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP)

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announces the availability of $343 million of Fiscal Year 2022 funds for the All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP). The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) will make it easier for people with disabilities to access the nation’s oldest subway, commuter rail and light rail stations. Eligible applicants for ASAP include designated recipients that operate or allocate funds to inaccessible pre-ADA—or “legacy” — rail fixed guideway public transportation systems, and States (including territories and Washington, D.C.) and local governmental entities that operate or financially support legacy rail fixed guideway public transportation systems and corresponding legacy stations/facilities.

Application deadline: September 30, 2022


U.S. DOT Safe Streets and Roads for All

The U.S. DOT announced $5 million in funding, over the next 5 years, to establish the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) discretionary grant program. Focused on the goal of zero deaths and serious injury on our nation’s roadways, this opportunity is open to Metropolitan Planning Organizations, counties, cities or towns, transit agencies and federally recognized tribal governments. These funds are for the development of an Action Plan through environmental scans, safety analysis and stakeholder engagement with community members, especially older adults and people with disabilities.

Application deadline: September 15, 2022





2020 Census: Resources and Information

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) bases annual apportionments for transit formula funding using U.S. Census data, which the U.S. Census Bureau publishes every ten years. The 2020 Census urban area delineations can have substantial impacts to FTA grant recipients.


Applicant Toolkit for Competitive Funding Programs at USDOT

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has developed an Applicant Toolkit to provide guidance as part of the Rural Opportunities to Use Transportation for Economic Success (R.O.U.T.E.S.) This toolkit supports potential applicants in identifying and navigating USDOT discretionary grant funding opportunities for rural transportation projects. In support of the initiative’s goals, this toolkit provides user-friendly information and resources to support rural applicants’ understanding of USDOT discretionary grant programs and the funding process.


Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM) Federal Fund Braiding Guide

Federal fund braiding for local match allows grant recipients to use funds from one federal program to meet the match requirements of another. CCAM members examined 61 programs of the 130 federal programs that may provide funding for human service transportation for people with disabilities, older adults, and/or individuals of low income. Based on the input from each participating agency, this guide defines federal fund braiding for local match and program eligibility.


CCAM Program Inventory

Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM) Program Inventory identifies 130 federal programs that may fund transportation services for people with disabilities, older adults, and/or individuals of low income. The CCAM Program Inventory includes detailed program information, such as CFDA numbers, statutory references, types of recipients and beneficiaries, and eligible transportation activities.


Fact Sheet: Competitive Infrastructure Funding Opportunities for Local Governments

The White House recently released this factsheet with upcoming competitive infrastructure funding opportunities for  cities, towns, and municipalities across dozens of new and existing


Shared Mobility FAQ’s: Eligibility Under FTA Grant Programs

In response to increasing interest from the transit industry in partnering with on-demand, shared mobility services such as ride-hailing companies, the FTA has identified FAQs about funding eligibility under federal public transportation law for FTA grant programs.


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