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 A Changing Transportation Landscape:  Exploring the Role of a Human Services Agency in Community Transportation 

This resource is part of a larger Materials Toolkit exploring Human Services Transportation. The entire Materials Toolkit can be found here.

Many services and opportunities offered by human services agencies depend on affordable, accessible transportation to locations outside of the homes. Without transportation, an individual may experience a loss of independence, reduce their involvement in social activities and personal hobbies, or feel they can no longer be spontaneous in daily life. This session will highlight transportation as a critical element in ensuring aging and disability support in a community while introducing the concept of the family of transportation services and the wide range of services and systems necessary to meet the mobility needs of older adults and people with disabilities. What is the community transportation landscape? How do you decide where the gaps are and what is needed? It is critical that human services agencies become a part of the transportation solution, but what are the questions we need to be asking ourselves, our community members, and our transportation providers to ensure we are creating a holistic system?

This session will introduce examples from human services agencies with various approaches with involvement in their community’s family of transportation services. This session is an introduction to collaboration and partnerships (a topic to be revisited in depth in the next session, “Collaboration and Coordination”) and to the concept of Mobility Management (to be further discussed in the final session, “Pathways to Discovering Community Transportation Resources”).

Session 1 Materials


  1. Video (Total Length: 46 min, 55 sec)
    • Video includes:
      • Introduction and Remarks by Virginia Dize, NADTC Co-Director (Length: 11 min, 54 sec)
      • Presentation by Judy Telge, Director of Development and Mobility Services and Sabrina Avila,  Mobility Coordinator, Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living, Corpus Christi, TX (Length: 35min, 01 sec)
  2. Written Material available for download by Cindy Zwart, Transportation Program Director, Sound Generations, Seattle, WA