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Pathways to Discovering Community Transportation Resources

This resource is part of a larger Materials Toolkit exploring Human Services Transportation. The entire Materials Toolkit can be found here.


This session will help agencies learn how to connect to valuable information, access services and discover community resources in a step by step process. Using the information learned about coordination in the previous session, we will review how information management (through programs such as one-call or one-click centers, mobility managers or travel training) is considered part of a larger transportation coordination process and provides critical support in making a transportation system work.


  1. Video  (Total Length: 45 min, 44 sec)
    • Video includes presentation by Katie Kutcher, Aging Programs Coordinator, Centralina Council of Governments, Centralina Area Agency on Aging
  2. Written material available for download available for download by Cindy Zwart, Transportation Program Director, Sound Generations, Seattle, WA