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NADTC Coordination Advisory Committee

NADTC selected stakeholders for this committee from a variety of public and private organizations, in rural and urban areas, in different sectors from across the country. The Coordination Advisory Committee (CAC) will provide their expertise, experience and insights on the development of materials, case studies and resources that are useful to transportation professionals in the field.


Advisory Committee Members:

Josh Massey, Founder/CEO

Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council
Coleen Samuels, Director of Operations

Disability Rights Washington
Anna Zivarts, Disability Mobility Initiative Director

Iowa Department of Human Services
Shelley Horak, Project Manager

Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging
Mike Spadafore, Director of Mobility Management

Maricopa Association of Governments
Amy St. Peter, Deputy Executive Director

Office of Transit and Active Transportation, MNDOT
Michelle Lichtig, Project Manager

Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia
Jordan Hall, Mobility Coordinator

United Community Action Partnership
Angela Larson, Family Services Director