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Learning Center

A collection of educational videos including Learning Shorts, based on NADTC technical assistance requests for information and resources, and Access Matters videos, which can be used for driver training.


Writing Effective Survey Questions

Collecting input from the community is an important part of developing a coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan. Surveys are a commonly used tool to elicit feedback and input from transportation users and the public; but writing a survey that gets honest, constructive responses requires effective questions. In this video, you’ll learn 5 tips for developing strong and effective survey questions.

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Developing and Maintaining Partnerships for Sustainability

Developing and maintaining partnerships is an important part of growing and sustaining your transportation program. In this video, you’ll learn tips for developing partnerships with community organizations to improve transportation services to meet the needs of your community.

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Effective and Interactive Communication

This learning short will help you learn how to engage in effective and interactive communication with people who have disabilities. This will ensure that your system has a process in place to effectively discuss reasonable modifications, resolve ADA accessibility issues, and make your transit operations stronger.

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Online Tools to Support Human Services Transportation Programs

Adapting online tools is one way help your human services transportation program grow. This learning short will help you learn how to use online tools to efficiently manage trip scheduling, improve collaboration within your organization and coordinate trips with other agencies.

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Understanding Section 5310

Learn about the basic program requirements of FTA’s Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities, Section 5310 Funding.

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Access Matters:  What does Access mean?

Acc to public transportation by people with disabilities is a civil right thanks to the Americans with Disability Act. Being able to take the bus, train or other type of public transportation gives people the independence to go where they want and need to go, which is important to all people. In this video, you will learn more about how accessible transportation improves the lives of older adults and people with disabilities who live in urban and rural areas.


 Access Matters:  Communication

Transportation providers should prioritize effective communication practices to ensure people with disabilities are treated with respect. Training bus drivers to use person-first language is a best practice for transportation programs. Learn more about effective communication in this video.



Access Matters:  Various Disabilities

Accessible transportation makes it possible for people of every ability level to go the places they need and desire to go to live life to the fullest. This video reviews the steps necessary to make public transportation accessible to all people.



Access Matters:  Service Animals

People with disabilities have the right to ride public transportation with their services animals according to the Americans with Disability Act. This video reviews regulations that drivers and riders should know when riding when a service animal.




Access Matters: Different Types of Assistance

People with and without disabilities have a variety of needs when using transportation services. People with and without disabilities may need assistance with things like oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, strollers and other mobility devices. Tips for drivers in providing the different types of assistance riders might need are discussed in this video.