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Other FTA Technical Assistance Centers

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FTA funds five additional Technical Assistance centers, the International Transportation Learning Center, the National Center on Mobility Management, the National Rural Transit Assistance Program, the National Center for Applied Transit Technology and the Shared-Use Mobility Center.


National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP)

National RTAP’s overarching mission is to address the training and technical assistance needs of rural, and tribal transit operators across the nation, and to support the state RTAP programs. Search National RTAP’s library of resources using the search box below.



National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM)

The mission of NCMM is to facilitate communities to adopt transportation strategies and mobility options that empower people to live independently, and advance health, economic vitality, self-sufficiency, and community.



National Center for Applied Transit Technology (N-CATT)

The mission of N-CATT is to provide small-urban, rural, and tribal transit agencies with practical, replicable resources that help them apply technological solutions and innovations.






Shared-Use Mobility Center

The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) is a public-interest organization working to foster collaboration in shared mobility (including bikesharing, carsharing, ridesourcing and more) and help connect the growing industry with transit agencies, cities and communities across the nation. Through piloting programs, conducting new research and providing advice and expertise to cities and regions, SUMC hopes to extend the benefits of shared mobility for all.


Transit Workforce Center (TWC)

The Transit Workforce Center (TWC) supports the workforce development needs of urban, suburban, tribal, and rural public transportation entities, with an overarching mission to assist the industry as it recruits, hires, trains, and retains the diverse workforce needed now and in the future.