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ARCHIVED – Providing Person-Centered Transportation Information to Older Adults and People with Disabilities

This is the second webinar in the NADTC Webinar Series on Transportation Information and Assistance. To view the first webinar, visit the webinar resource page. 

For many older adults, people with disabilities and family caregivers who need transportation, simply finding out about the mobility options available in the community may present an insurmountable obstacle. Such information is often scattered among several organizations, requiring numerous phone calls to piece together the complete picture. On August 23 at 2pm Eastern, the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center hosted a webinar discussion of how communities can address the challenge of providing better access to comprehensive transportation information.

Our presenter is Roberta Habowski, Mobility Project Manager with Area Agency on Aging 1-B in Southfield, MI. myride2 launched in May 2012 as a one-call/one-click service offering mobility management assistance and consisting of a toll-free phone line and an interactive website. Roberta shares information about how the program got started and how it has evolved; funding sources; the types of issues handled; measures of success; key partnerships; and plans for the future.