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AARP Helping Drivers Benefit From the Rapid Changes in Vehicle Technology

NADTC’s spring 2018 online course on Driver Safety and Transition focused on the safety and well-being of older drivers and people with disabilities, planning for transportation independence and addressed many of the age related challenges that can make driving increasingly difficult. With this topic in mind, this month’s blog, provided by AARP Driver Safety, AARP’s safe transportation initiative, features a new program designed to help drivers 50 and older become more familiar with ever changing vehicle technology and encourage mobility planning for the future.

AARP Helping Drivers Benefit From the Rapid Changes in Vehicle Technology

The vehicle technology landscape is changing so rapidly that many drivers aren’t even familiar with what’s in their vehicles, especially new ones. From blind-spot detection to lane departure warnings and drowsy driver alerts, cars are becoming smarter every year. With overwhelming packages of options, some drivers go as far as disabling or not correctly using these features, which are designed to assist them and enhance their safety on the road.

Smart DriverTEK in-person workshops are currently taking place in select markets nationwide. They include a general overview of new vehicle  technologies, as well as a step-by-step guide of how these technologies work and how they can benefit drivers. Attendees then leave with a vehicle technology checklist for guidance on what technologies they should consider when shopping for a new car.

This is important because drivers experiencing new technologies can also become over reliant upon the technology in their vehicles, which can lead to unsafe driving habits. Additionally, three-quarters of drivers age 50 and older who plan to buy a new car in the next two years will actively seek out high-tech safety features, according to research from The Hartford and MIT AgeLab.

Smart DriverTEK is here in to help. This new program, developed by AARP Driver Safety jointly with The Hartford, is experienced through in-person, 90-minute workshops that help drivers:

• Become more up-to-date on available safety technologies in cars.
• Recognize how technologies might enhance driving safety and extend safe driving years.
• Learn how to properly use vehicle safety technologies such as blind-spot warnings, front-collision warning systems, smart headlights, and more!

AARP logoFind an upcoming workshop and learn more at
Space is very limited, so registration is highly recommended. Workshops are open to drivers of all ages, with a focus on drivers 50 and older. AARP membership is not required. For those not near an in-person workshop, AARP Driver Safety recently launched an online version of Smart DriverTEK. Visit to sign up.

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