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Medical Transportation: Multi-Model Approaches to Accessing Health Care Services Toolkit

The Medical Transportation Toolkit was adapted from NADTC’s fall 2019 online course which provided an in-depth look at transportation programs addressing the gaps in access to health care services in their community and how these programs play a key role in providing medical transportation services to older adults and people with disabilities. This toolkit is designed to provide organizations…


2019 Transportation Trends Report

This report reviews 2019’s trending topics in transportation. The Trends Report provides an overview of what’s trending in the industry, questions we receive at NADTC and important transportation issues in communities across the U.S. 2019 topics include: Filling a Need: Hiring People with Disabilities in Transit Travel Training for Older Adults Procuring Demand Response Transit…


Technology for Demand Response Transportation Blog Series

NADTC is pleased to present a series of technology blogs written by Easterseals consultant and guest blogger Steve Yaffe. In this series, we look at demand response transportation design and operations. The eight blogs highlight the need for cost allocation, transit scheduling and technology in providing efficient demand response transportation. The blog series address: Paratransit…


2018 Trends Report Topic Spotlight: Opioid Use and Transportation

In this Opioid Use and Transportation Topic Spotlight, NADTC explores how transportation to opioid treatment is an eligible activity under federal funding programs, and communities across the country are making a concerted effort to involve transportation providers in recognizing opioid abuse and providing support to those addressing addiction. Programs in Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,…


2018 Trends Report Topic Spotlight: Cancer Care and Dialysis Transportation

In this Cancer Care and Dialysis Transportation Topic Spotlight, part of the 2018 Transportation Trends Report series, NADTC looks at creative strategies being implemented in some communities to increase patient access to continuous care or follow-up appointments. Programs featured include Mountain Empire Older Citizens in Virginia, ChemoCars in North Carolina and Texas, Ride Health in Pennsylvania, Ride…


2018 Transportation Trends Report

This report reviews 2018’s trending topics in transportation. The Trends Report provides access to information about local communities’ efforts to develop, fund, and operate accessible transportation. Each brief within the report includes case studies on how changes in transportation are being implemented in states and communities in the U.S. 2018 topics include: • Cancer Care…