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ARCHIVED – Going Beyond Borders

This webinar features programs that enable clients and passengers to go beyond a typical jurisdictional border. Crossing a county or state line may go unnoticed when driving, but for many older adults and people with disabilities who do not drive, that line may represent a barrier to much-needed services, including access to medical care, shopping, work and even social connections. Area Agencies on Aging and transportation providers, especially in rural areas, often cite the boundary issue as a major impediment in their efforts to support aging in place in the community.

Speakers include Kendra McGeady, Director of Pelivan Transit in Northeastern Oklahoma, and Herb Mullen, Director of Transportation for the Inter-County Public Transportation Authority (ICPTA) in Eastern North Carolina. Pelivan’s coordinated transportation system currently serves 6 cities and 7 counties and includes two consortiums of 10 Tribes, while ICPTA serves a 5 county region and is housed in a local government authority that also includes the Health Department. Both speakers address partnerships, funding and making trips outside their regions.