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Promoting Accessible Fixed-Route Transit: Strategies from TCRP Report 163

This information brief provides an introduction to and highlights of TCRP Report 163. TCRP Report 163 is a comprehensive resource that provides useful information, practical steps, and logical strategies for public transit providers seeking to better serve people with disabilities through fixed-route bus and rail transit services.


History of the ADA Information Series

This History of the ADA Information Series includes a set of eight resource sheets (including this introduction) that capture the history of disability in the United States, the build-up to passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the law’s requirements. Take a step back in time, consider current trends, and think of a future […]


Pathways to Better Community Wayfinding

Developed by the CDC Healthy Aging Research Network and a consortium of organizations, Pathways looks at what we know about wayfinding, how communities currently approach wayfinding, and what needs to be done to create better wayfinding for all people, regardless of age or ability.