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Functional Assessment of Cognitive Transit Skills

Guidelines for production, administration and scoring of the functional assessment, the development and validation of a functional cognitive test, an environmental barrier analysis for individuals who are blind or who have low vision, and a presentation of some current practices. FACTS videos on YouTube: Guidance for Conducting Physical Functional Assessments for ADA Paratransit Eligibility An […]


Innovative Practices in Paratransit Service

This publication reviews successful innovations in paratransit services that may transferable to other systems based on a community’s unique assets and needs. Identifies creative ideas across four areas: operations, management, system design, and supplementary programs.


Travel Training For Older Adults: Case Studies & Local Programs Information Brief

This information brief discusses five travel training program case studies drawn from community programs featured in TCRP Report 168 Parts I and II with a focus on the components contributing to the effectiveness of the programs. The case studies are from different regions of the United States, including smaller, suburban communities such as Meridian, Idaho, […]