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11 Apr 18

5 Keys to Successful Volunteer Driver Programs

Photo credit:  NADTC 2017 Photo Contest 2nd Place Winner, Whistlestop Carepool, San Rafael, California 5 Keys to Successful Volunteer Driver Programs Guest blogger: Valerie Lefler, MPA, President & CEO of Integrated Global Dimensions LLC in Lincoln, Nebraska With the rise of transportation options on the horizon and all the excitement around new shared mobility options,…

12 May 16

“Blaze a Trail” in May! NADTC Recognizes Older Americans Month

  This year, the Older Americans Month theme is “Blaze a Trail.” The annual celebration, held each year in May, offers the opportunity to learn about, support, and celebrate our nation’s aging population. NADTC encourages all older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers, and organizations that support accessible transportation to think about how you can blaze…